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Everything you need to start exploring and profiting from Generative AI.

Our AI Powered Project Assets, Tools, Training & Audit Can Ignite Your Business

Leverage the Imaginative Potential of Projects and Compounding Magic of Team Chemistry...accelerated by A.I.

Designed to engage your whole team, ignite growth and empower your business by applying AI across your projects.

  • Build employee skills, engagement, pride and camaraderie
  • Reduce overhead and repitition
  • Clarify employee roles, responsibilities, systems to build accountability, pride and motivation

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Get Help Quick with our Fast Track Coaching and Empower Your People with Our Suite of AI Powered Tools


Project Coach
(P + T)AI = 100X

We believe projects are the engine of growth, no matter your industry. We equip businesses with the tools and mindset to turn your most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities into successful projects.

Here’s how we empower you

Project-Centric Approach: We go beyond project management. We coach you and your team to embrace the project mindset for optimized execution across all functions.

AI-Powered Efficiency: Leverage cutting-edge AI to work faster, smarter, and more cost-effectively. Our suite includes:

Private Web Portal: Access a wealth of resources, including skill development tools, AI-powered book summaries, and custom AI tools to move seamlessly from strategy to execution.

Personal Development Platform: Design and track personalized skill development plans for your leadership and employees, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

AI Literacy Training: Become proficient and imaginative users of AI with our 9-step gamified program, modeled on the karate belt classification system.


Streamline operations and boost project success rates.

Enhance project creation and execution for maximum impact.

Unlock unmatched efficiency and innovation through AI.

Empower your team with personalized skill development and AI expertise.

Embrace a growth mindset for continuous success in the evolving business landscape.

Our 100 X AI Project Toolbox

We equip you and your team with the tools you need to find these 100X improvements in every business project.

Bridging Gaps for Project Success

Project Coach AI is designed to identify and address the unique challenges and opportunities present at the intersections of team dynamics, project phases, and individual capabilities.

By focusing on these critical 'EDGES,' where potential friction and untapped potential often reside, our platform offers tailored coaching solutions to guide all participants towards cohesive teamwork and project success.

Flexible Pricing for Your AI Growth Journey


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Training + Tools

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Starting at $1,199/mo

Training + Tools + Coaching

Fast Track, Huddles & Action Classes

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Professional Services

Price per project,
or on a monthly retainer